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Thinking of Selling Your New Tecumseth Property?

Thinking about selling your New Tecumseth home? The first step in the process is finding an ideal real estate agent to represent you.

When you sell with the Butcher Team, you get full service at every step and better technology and advice and you don’t pay anymore for it, infact we are more than fair with all of our clients.

Butcher Team is on your side

On average, homes listed with Butcher Team sell for more money in less time than other agents. You can have a free, no-obligation listing consultation with Craig Butcher any time!

Pricing Your New Tecumseth Home

First, we will ask about your selling motivations. Do you need to sell quickly or are you looking to take your time and sell for the highest price? Be upfront with your agent about your wants and needs.

Comparative Market Analysis

We will prepare a thorough comparative market analysis, showing recent comparable home prices at which your neighbours are selling for. Butcher Team will also pinpoint the selling features of your home, and recommend improvements that could help it sell for more.

Based on your needs and the local real estate market, our team will come up with a pricing strategy to get you the best possible result. Once you have your price set, we will help you decide on the best time to officially put your Adjala, New Tecumseth, Alliston, Tottenham or Beeton home on the market.

Agent Tip

If you want to sell your home fast and for more money, it’s important to list when demand is highest. Homebuyers flood the market in the spring, which results in more competition against you. If you're not buying and selling strategically or for investment, the best time to sell is really when you feel your existing home does not meet your needs any longer. 

Always consider the economy! 

Are interest rates higher or lower in comparison to your current mortgage? If they are higher, you may want to stick with your current home, to avoid your new mortgage payments. If rates are lower, you might be able to trade up to a more expensive home without a significant increase in your monthly mortgage obligation.

Inspections & Home Staging 

Before you open your home up to potential buyers, you want to make sure it looks its best. Even if you think your home is perfect, you may have to do some minor repairs or upgrades to make your home more attractive to potential purchasers.

A professional home inspection may be a condition of the offer. If the inspection points to problems, your purchaser may ask that you make the necessary repairs or choose not to close the deal.

Craig Butcher will connect you with top-rated professionals to help with landscaping, cleaning, and home staging.

Premium Placement on

Selling with Butcher Team gets your home in front of more buyers! Your home will have premium placement on main pages on our website, resulting in significantly more views from active buyers in your area.

A major benefit of listing with Butcher Team is our targeted, premium marketing that will help your home sell for top dollar.
If we notice you’re getting lots of views and favorites, but no offers, it could mean your home is priced too high. We will tell you what we think could be causing the discrepancy.

Professional Photos & Video Tours

With Butcher Team, you’ll get professional photos and video walkthrough for free. Take a virtual tour of every corner of your home, whether they’re across town or in a different city.

Time to Accept an Offer

Craig Butcher will discuss each offer with you and advise you on the optimal negotiation approach. After you and the buyer agree to the terms of the transaction, Craig will continue to work through any additional negotiations around possible home inspections or other contingencies in the contract.

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